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On My Own and Suffering

Well, Gary has gone back to Canada for a month or more, and I am going to have to cope.  My first night, last night was the worst wind we have had this month, and of course all the lines started crashing and bashing.  Instead of turning over and saying, "please fix all that noise" I had to leave my warm bed and see what was amiss.  Did I mention that it was cold, the wind seemed to be blowing straight from the Arctic and really howling.  The sun shade had come untied, and was crashing against the dog house right over my head, and the lines going up the mast were clanging away like a rock bank gone crazy.  Luckily I had worn PJ's to bed just in case I had to get up and do anything during the night.  Didn't want to give anyone nightmares for life by seeing a nude 65 year old, even if it was dark.  Anyway, I digress,  Managed to get the lines all quieted down, and even get back to sleep, but I can see that this might be a loooong month.