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Follow up to "Is Moneza a Scam

Don't know what happened there, but my computer had a "senior moment and dumped half the message because I had Larry's newsletter link in there.  Have to find it again. This is some of his article The landing page provided little information. It did however indicate that I could become a beta tester if I joined by noon my time on the 13th, and I joined. John had told me that there would be gifts for the beta testers, but I’d have signed up right away in any case. Last night I attended a webinar to learn some details. I’m far from an expert, but this is what I learned: Moneza is the name of the website, and membership is free. Membership includes your MeCard (which resembles but is substantially more powerful). This online business card provides your contact information, links to your active social sites and displays your live update feed (pretty much like Friend Feed does). The MeCard also displays how many people you are tracking (following) and how many

Is Moneza a Scam???

Hi there, I stole that title from Larry because I thought it would make a great heading.  Thanks for that Larry, I am also going to plagiarize  his article on Moneza because I think that it covers everything we know at this time on the subject. He listened to the program, I only got the email after it was all over, so I missed the program.  Soooo, the following is his article. If you would like to check it out and be part of the Beta Program go to referredBy=Phylomena

Conception Bay etal

We have spent the last couple of weeks working our way up to Conception bay, which has been a normal “Sea of Cortez” experience.  The wind has been good, bad, and ugly, but we managed to find a window to jump from Punta Pulpita, to Conception Bay, with the wind on the stern and we made pretty good time and didn’t have to motor all day, which was one of our concerns.  Sometimes in the sea the wind is either coming from dead ahead, or there is no wind at all. But occasionally we luck in and have a really good sail. The anchorage we are in today is Bahia Coyote, and we are at the Playa Santispac.  We rather expected it to be full of boats because of the North winds, but we seem to be the entire fleet.  Rather too quiet for my liking after the first night, so we may move tomorrow to find more company, I really like to socialize at least a bit. The beach here is busy with a camping park, and I must say, that it looks pretty neat.  The campers are spread out over a large area of about 3