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Hi Again, have had a very busy summer, really like the trucking part, altho this year we have had very few days off, a couple here and there.  Right now getting  ready to head back to Baja, just have to round up our passports, they haven't come back yet!! Wnted to write this about nutrition, because I really find that the older I get the more it counts.  Of course supplements are a huge part of our diet, when we truck we make sure we have our Vivix and Vitalizer, from Shaklee, which gives us a bit of everything.  I am positive that Vivix has contributed to my health.  When I started with it, which was the summer it was launched some 4 or 5 years ago, I had all sorts of health problems, but have increasingly been feeling better and had more energy all the time.   A big plus, I would say because it enables me to work in the summers and get away from the heat of the Baja, I don't really do heat very well. Eating in the truck could be a challenge if we had to eat only in restau