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You're Invited!

Hi, one of my favourite programs is the Shaklee 180.  I must admit that I haven't been all that faithful for the whole year  Last summer and fall I lost 40 pounds, using the program very faithfully, documenting everything in the 180 program on my I-pad, etc. and then we went back to Canada and I got into junk food again.  Still used my Smoothie most days for breakfast and went thru loads of snack bars, but also lots of hamburgers and fries.  Oops,  came back 12 pounds heavier, not enough exercise, in fact no exercise to speak of.  So here I am again, have to loose those 12 plus probably 50 more, but am motivated again. So am looking for some friends to join me and get motivated as well.  The program works marvellously, as the video will tell you, and you really do feel great; and you can have a hamburger or two along the way.