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Advertising you Home Business

There days I seem to start off most post with, ......Man, it's hot, and this one is no exception. Summer is here in the Baja, and when the breeze goes away it is HOT and surprisingly muggy these days, so that afternoon swim is really welcome. I go thru about 4 liters of drinking water a day, for the past week, I have measured it, mainly because I goofed and bought what I thought was bleach, turned out to be laundry soap and ended up with a few Tbsp's in the water tank, before I clued in. Ooops. So I have had to haul an extra container just for drinking until I use up all the soapy water.  The stuff in the tank is okay for dishes and showers etc. But I wouldn't want to drink it.  Need to improve my Spanish!! Am going to cover advertising your business online, because I think it is rather important for newbies to get some idea of where to start when they first decide to try and build a presence online. The first thing I would stress is to join either Earth Friendly Biz, or

Reduce your Cholesterol Naturally

Hi there, and Happy Weekend. This is a new product that Shaklee added at the convention in August in Anaheim, and I thought you might like to see it. All of us need to be concerned with higher cholesterol, and this is something we can actually control. (Nice to know) This has been a hot week in La Paz, our temperature and humidity has been rather muggy. Luckily I have been able to get in the water most days, altho, swimming is a bit of a joke, because I get to do what I call "tread-mill swimming" The current is rather strong so I just swim like heck and stay in the same place.  Hey, it works, and I get  exercise, as well as cooling off. Only a couple of more weeks and Gary will be back, looking forward to having my coffee made in the morning and delivered to me in the cockpit. Have really missed that. To get your name in the draw for a "Get Clean" kit Go to

Janet's explanation of a Funded Sponsoring system

As I promised, here is Janet's explanation, and I definitely couldn't improve on it. What is a Funded Sponsoring System? Funded Sponsoring is a way to “fund” your online advertising.  A Funded System offers programs that pay commissions.  Most funded systems offer training on how to advertise the system.   A good funded system will generate cash flow without a large investment of cash on your end.  Most funded systems offer a free membership and an upgraded membership.  Most funded systems also pay a commission on referrals to the system.  When your referrals join and upgrade, you earn a commission and this commission helps “fund” your online marketing. The more you advertise the “system”, the more leads you will generate.  The more leads you generate, the more members will join. The more members that join, the more upgrades will be created and your system will soon do more than fund your marketing, it can and will turn into a full time income! How does a Funded

What is a Funded Marketing System?

Life in the Baja takes a turn of normalcy. By that I mean, the days seems to run into one another and the weeks go by and then its the months. Coffee, internet marketing, lunch, siesta, swim, marketing,bed. That's a normal day with a few additions of course. Today was no real exception except for Dentist. The amazing thing was that for 7800 pesos, or about $750. Cdn I managed to get 2 crowns, 1 ex-ray, 3 visits, 1 filling, and innumerable freezings. I really did loose count of them. And all the dentistry was so modern that some of our dentists up north don't even seem to have the same modern equipment. Swimming this evening was really an event! For the first time ever I had a chance to swim with the dolphins, the fact that I chickened out is superfluous  I had been doing my normal, around the boat stuff. Hard swim against the current up one side and coasting down the other, when I heard the breathing of the dolphins. It is quite distinctive, you really wouldn't think it w