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News for your Heart

 Hi ther e , received this from Shaklee this morning and thought it was great info. So am sending it as received.  Have a great day.  Phyllis   Hello, Shaklee Family! February is Heart Month – a reminder to all that, yes, cardiovascular disease is the second-leading cause of death in Canada (after cancer). According to Statistics Canada, someone in Canada has a heart attack every seven minutes and a stroke every 10 minutes, and someone dies from heart disease or stroke every seven minutes. Pretty frightening statistics, given that many risk factors for cardiovascular disease can be significantly reduced with modest lifestyle changes. Although some risk factors - such as age and family history - can't be controlled, most risk factors can! Making healthful food choices, being physically active, losing weight if overweight, and supplementing your diet with key nutrients that promote heart health are strategies you can implement to improve and protect the health of the most

Back from Christmas

Hi there, and it's been ages since I have written.  Sorry about that.  We went up to Cold Lake AB for Christmas, and left mid Dec. What with visiting etc, just didn't find time to write. Anyway, we got back about the middle of Jan. and as usual time just never seems to stand still. Christmas, of course was great, always love to visit the family and the grandkids, that is really the only bad thing about being so far away.  We really aren't a part of their everyday lives.  We returned the hard way, flying into Cabo, and then taking the shuttle to La Paz, made for a long day, but it is rather a simple process, once you have done it.  Then we stayed 2 nights in a rather adequate hotel in town, would have been easier if we didn't have to walk up 3 flights of stairs with all our luggage, but I have never found that life is easy, at least not mine. Took an extra day to get my FM3, (tourist permit for 1 year), but we managed to get that without penalty, because I was so clo