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Wandering the Marshall Islands

Some Scuttlebutt from the Marshall Islands We have been out and about for the past 4 months visiting some of the atolls in the Marshall Islands, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good hurricane/cyclone hideout.  Checking out the Likiup atoll. The first place we all go is to Majuro, which is the check in port for yachts coming mostly from the south. But don't let yourself get stuck here, and miss the other atolls. I know how easy it is, there is a Tues. night yachties night out, and it seems hard to get away when Tues is coming up soon. Also shipping boat parts and even coffee in from the US is relatively cheap because of the US postal service here. So many distractions that keep us all tied to buoys. But drop the buoy and go exploring. it is really worth it. The atolls are all really different. They have had a variety of influences. Woje and Maleolap in particular played a large part in the wars, so there are sunken ships and planes to