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FlyOver Canada Official Teaser 2013

This past weekend Paulette and Art and Gary and Myself went to "Fly Over China" and  "Fly Over Canada".  What an amazing show, if you could call it that.  It is a mid-way ride, a plane ride and a 3 D movie all wrapped up in one.  Absolutely fantastic cinematography, a concept that  blew me away, we were sitting out over a 60 foot abyss flying through the air.  Basically, hang on and enjoy the ride.  After the first 3 minutes I wanted out!  I don't do roller coasters and only have a working relationship with planes, which means that unless necessary I will drive.  But there was no out, my seat belt was strapped in, and I don't do 60 foot leaps into space,  so "suck it up and buckle down and enjoy".  Krista, Joshes girl friend said to look for the top of the screen when you feel nervous.  I couldn't find it!  Of course if I had opened my eyes maybe it would have been there, but the whole 60 foot screen just wrapped around me.  What a ride. The dr

100 things to do on a boat.

Found this on "women who sail" and thought it was really great. Figure I should save this in case I ever get bored. 100 Things to Do on a Boat Posted on   January 15, 2015   by   Jeffrey Margaret and I are always amazed by how many people post on CruisersForum, Liveaboard Cruisers, and other online venues asking how people keep from getting bored while at anchor or on a long passage. When aboard, we are always hunting for more time, not more things to fill our time with. So, we decided to put together a list of one hundred things to do while on a boat. For the most part, we avoided anything that involved the internet or leaving the vessel, attempting to stay true to the original queries that spawned this list. At first, we thought a list of a hundred things might be a little ambitious, but we brainstormed it quickly enough that we are sure you could add another hundred easily. Please add your favorite activities in the comments below! clean out refrigerator p