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Good morning, well we are in for another hurricane, "'Rick" this time, and he is going to be a bad one according to all the prognosis. Gary is coming back from Canada to help prepare the boat. Hurricane preparation is quite a big job, we have to take down all the sails from the roller furling gear, and we have two, the genoa and the little stay sail. The last hurricane Jamica, we wrapped the main sail like a sausage and I don't know if Gary will do that again, or choose to take it down. Then of course all the sun-shade stuff, and if we had a soft dodger that would have to come down as well. We have a hard dodger, which gives great protection but extra windage. Then of course anything that could be a projectile and of course all the extra ropes and lines and buckets etc. Last time it was a 2 day job, with us going all the time, some of the boats here have started already, and "Rick" is still 5 days out. Fortunately??,I had to do some of that for the tropical

Internet marketing 101

Well the last month or so has been really a sharp learning curve. I have gone from knowing nothing to now knowing something, but still not enough. But I must say that I am getting there, slowly. First off, the new rich report is marvelous, and you can see that at The one thing I like about it is it is a complete internet marketing tutorial, teaches you every avenue in the field. The other thing that impresses me is that I can advertise my primary business and it doesn't interfere. My new shaklee website is up at And I really am impressed with all that is on it. Loads of info and videos, and of course the best thing is that people can sign up right on the website from anywhere in the world that there is a shaklee office. So, how great is that!! One of the affiliates that works with NRR is GVO which is a webhosting etc etc etc. I can't even remember all that they do, but if you want to check it out go to ht

Lonely in Baja

Hi there, well, if you read Gary's blog you know that he is no longer in Baja watching all the "blue" stuff" on the boat, so as well as the "pink" stuff, I have to do the blue stuff. Makes for a challenge, because batteries and bilge pumps etc, are not my forte. But I hope to be proficient by the time he gets back, altho, I have to hope that nothing major breaks down, minor I can handle, I think, but major, not so much. It is definitely giving me time to work on my internet business, as well as catch up on my reading. I am impatiently waiting for the new batch of baja ha ha people to get here because the library is running out of new stuff to read. So hopefully by Nov. we will have some new books. Today was rain, now I know that for the Pacific northwest people that is nothing to write about, but when you realize that we were here 9 months and not a drop, you can appreciate how it might be a topic of conversation. Woke up at 2:30 with raindrops falling on