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Mish mash of ideas & Happy New Year

Think I sort of  told you about our Toqeedo motor, the little electric one.  It sure seemed like the right idea at the time, we wanted something that would get the inflateable back and forth to the docks and the beaches, and it did work for that quite great, but as with everything  it definitely had its limitations. eg: if you wanted to go any distance it did about 2-3 mph so it could take awhile, and the batteries seemed to have to take a fair amount of care. Altho, as I explained to a couple of people, you have to keep gas in your tank as well, but...... truth be told, we found that they had to be put on the charger almost every day. Now, Gary wouldn't exactly agree with all that but when I was here by myself I found that to be true, and if I didn't charge them every day I did run out of motor and had to row!!  I was rescued a couple of times, as I drifted beyond my rowing capacity due to the strong currents in La Paz harbour.  So this week when we found that we had to row ev

Merry Christmas everyone

Just loaded a new batch of pictures on to my web albums at:   Has been a very quiet Christmas.  Maureen and Fred were here for a couple of days and we went out for a sail. Or should I say a motor, because if we had sailed it would have taken us all day to get where we were heading for lunch, so we motored up wind. Had a great lunch courtesy of the restaurant Rancho Viello.  I went in the night before and got a take out which supplied us with Beef arachero and all the trimmings.  All I had to do was open the packages and heat.  What a way to go, and it was a hit. I don't think anyone had had that before and it is sooooo good.  After lunch we just motored and sailed back, downwind this time.  Altho we did tack downwind and made better speed. By the time we got to the anchorage it was almost dark and blowing from the north at 20-25 knots, so we anchored right outside Marina de la Paz so the row in wouldn't be too bad. Oh, did

Subasta 2009, marketing, and our new Cathedral

That's a lot to cover for one little Blog, but there has been a lot happening this month, and so sorry that it has been a whole month. Try the Cathedral first. After reading the news the other week about Ahmademajad and his antics, I felt I needed some peace so I wandered off to the cathedral on Sunday 3 weeks ago, and really enjoyed it. They are remodelling an old cathedral, doing it piece by piece, and it is really a beautiful experience.  The floor of course will probably be the last to be done, and it is just rough cement.  But the copper on the dome is now gleaming in the sun. The stain glass windows are missing but are on the drawing boards but the grotto for the "Lady of Guadalupe" is coming along beautifully.  The flowers every Sunday in the church are spectacular, so many varieties and everywhere. They seem to be all donated, because people just walk in with a bunch and add them to the various spots. And the people, well, I haven't seen so many people goin