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Getting your toes wet with Internet Marketing

If you ever have wanted to dip your toes into internet marketing but were a bit shy about the process, I am going to give you a really simple way to get started. Go to Okay, that's the first step, then enter and Pay your $9.95.  Not so bad, because it gives you all sorts of access to way more than you ever wanted to know. Next, go to Sign up, and it is free , probably you will want to stay with free until you get really good at this.  I have listened to a number of calls on GVO and there are lots of people making money using free accounts. Now, all you have to do is advertise your " My Money Fish" account on "E traffic freedom" and its a go.  It will take about 1/2 hour out of your game playing time, because "etraffic freedom" is a click account, which means you have to click on adds and watch for 5-6 seconds per add before going to the next one. But for anyone who has

Our Social life

Jan 8, 2010 Sometimes I think we have a busier social life cruising than we ever had at home. What with coffee hour every morning, SASS (sisters aquiring sea skills) meetings every week, mexican train dominoes twice a week, jam sessions on Wed evening, darts on Fridays, monthly womens luncheons in a new restaurant every month. Not to mention all the boat hopping in the evenings to catch up on friends, and of course the numerous pot-lucks for everything from "hurray" its Friday, to Christmas, New years, valentines, new moon, old moon, and full moon.  Sometimes I wonder how we ever have time to get things accomplished. But yesterday, I did manage to ferret out an English speaking doctor that I think I am going to like. I had to get my blood work done again for my INR and am running out of pills so it was time.  I have sort of put it off.  But, all things must be done eventually.........So yesterday I went down to Feidapas by one of the hospitals and thought I would take my