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Rod Larkin reports on Type 2 Diabetes

Rod Larkin reports on Type 2 Diabetes TYPE 2 DIABETES- On Feb 11, 2016, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Knowing that type 2 diabetes is nearly totally diet and weight related, I knew what steps I needed to take. #1. Lose weight. #2. Change my diet and eating habits. #3. Exercise. I made up my mind that day that I was NOT going to be a victim of poor choices and decisions of my own. I get fed up seeing all the type 2 diabetes drug commercials on TV. There is no reason anyone with type 2 diabetes needs to go  down that slippery slope because over time, year after year, the condition gets worse which leads to more and stronger meds that eventually lead to insulin injection. Type 2 diabetes is preventable and I am here to tell you--- it is reversible. I swung into immediate action that very same day. My results as my doctor put it today--- are stunning. I just had my 3rd set of blood work done in the last 90 days last week and saw my doctor today. In February my A1C was 8.9