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Alzeimers, and Puerto Escondido, a ghost town.

Where to start.  So much has happened in the last year that I am at a loss for a starting point.  But shall share a really interesting Utube video, that might interest anyone with an interest in Alzeimers. Paulette sent this to me today and I just had to share it. We are back in Baja for a couple of weeks and enjoying it a lot!  Just had a real high when we drove in and saw all the beautiful clear water, and the sun, and our boat floating just where it should be.  Has been fun getting it all cleaned up, the bad storm that they had early in March left parts of leaves and debris on the decks, and sand and dust everywhere down below, but what the hay, we have lots of time to clean it up.  Spent the morning sitting in the cockpit  drinking coffee  amid all the boxes and bags that we had dragged out of the truck last night.  And I refused to feel guilty about it! We are sorry to see that Puerto Escondido is really becoming a ghost tow