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Wow, so many mistakes,so Little Time

Wow, in the last couple of days I have made so many mistakes that it is hard to know where to list them all. For one thing I totally wasted 3000 advertising credits by putting in the wrong link; and then again, I sent out a bunch with another incorrect link. Am I tired, too rushed or just too excited about the new GVO conference launch?  Who knows, but I really need to give my head a shake. The launch is going great, the pricing is a steal, compared to the competition, this 50 seat conference room for under $10.00 is way past a bargain. (I hope I am not revealing any secrets, because they said not to reveal the price!)  And there is probably not a business out there that doesn't have a need for a conference room. A virtual office, as they say. It's got all the bells and whistles, as well as just conferencing. And it is in many languages, which for some people is a big plus. Since I only speak 1, for me, not so much. So check it out: http://gvo-phylomena.myprelaunchinvite.c

GVO Conference launch and site.

Hi there, and TGIF, Promised to send the link to GVO conference and here it is So far, things seem to be dashing along, loads of sign ups, this is a really inexpensive program, and could be used by almost anyone who has a computer and friends or family. Conference calling is great, and calling all over the country or the world is a huge PLUS, and for almost free. WOW. Have been computering all day so far, as a couple of more things and I shall go for a swim. Really need a break. Have a Super day Phyllis

GVO Conference Launch

Hi there, as usual have been a bit slack at keeping up this posting, has been a busy time. Of course the weather and the heat hasn't helped much, but we have been swimming 2 or 3 times a day to cool off, so it isn't really too bad. Gary is back, came back right after Danica and Hanson's wedding (which he enjoyed very much), and we have been trying to get all our pecking orders aligned again.  4 months of living on our own have made us a bit selfish of our time, etc. So, of course that takes time and frustration on both our parts. Had a great training call this morning, mostly about taking action, and sometimes I think Janet is throwing barbs at me when she says that. I still haven't gotten my video done, I think I am waiting to loose 40 pounds before I do it, (LOL),  She has stopped mentioning it to me, altho it gets mentioned on the call a lot about getting your video up on line. Anyway, the GVO Conference is launching tomorrow morning, and it will probably be one of