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We have had a few days of excitement, one day of strenuous snorkeling, one night from hell, some great sailing, and of course trying to outrun the hurricane. Nothing like a variety of life. The first day, we only went 15 miles and stopped to clean the bottom, it was growing weed like an underwater aquarium so we both went at it, and an hour or so later we had it pretty well clear. Lest you think that cleaning the bottom sounds like a snap. Our kids will tell you that I can't sink and Gary can't float, so we both have a challenge. Gary rigged up a 6 inch paint scrapper on the end of a stick, attached with duck tape, (Red Green's favorite stuff). So all I have to do it run it down the hull under water and it leaves a nice clear patch. The first one is a snap but after that you are trying to see as well, because the water gets horrible murky with all the sea junk. The next day we sailed all day from 7am on, motored sailed is more like it, because we were determined to get h

Wow, am making progress

Hi there, and good morning. Well my brain is starting to feel less pressure, and the internet marketing thing is going pretty good. Am seeing results in the New Rich Report website http;// Have been doing quite a bit of advertising, and after reading thru a bunch of the NRR I have found a number of sites that I can get on free, so it makes for extra work but should show results. Also have entered the GVO website and they offer a number of things like an autoresponder etc.etc. you have to go there and check it out for all their stuff. The site isn't fully operational yet, but Sept 15 or thereabouts is the main launch, altho, they do have a lot of it going now. This can be found at I am really excited about all the progress, in the NRR they have 3 websites you list and the last is your primary business, which of course is my shaklee business, so as well as advertising the NRR I also advertise my shakl
Hi there, this is a short note to update you on some stuff. If you go to you will see all the updates from the recent convention (last week). So many new things, including the Fast Track program, with loads of perks including a trip to Anaheim CA. to the 2010 convention. I have gone to a couple of new internet aids to increase our Shaklee business, and am using the Rich Report. If you have any interest go to phylomena . It comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their primary business, ours is Shaklee, of course. But I really needed to get some Internet help, and realized that I couldn't do it myself, so I partnered with them,and a couple of others for some additional mentoring. This will give us more time to enjoy Baja and not feel like I have to be at the computer all day. Also partnered with GDI and my address is . And it does work, I tried it. Shall keep you informed as to how these are g
Good morning, this blog was going to be about a neat article I read the other day on the 5 worst foods you can eat. It was a terrific run down on what they were etc, and why, but do you think I can find it? NO, not anywhere I am looking, because I wasn't looking for food specifically, I was checking for marketing tips. All I can remember about the article was that margarine came at the top of the list, and for some very good reasons, (can't remember them). But in my eagerness to find the article again, I went thru a search on the web, and found not only hundreds of articles about 5, 8, 10, and 15 of the worst foods you can eat. And guess what, they all have some and not all of the same things, and almost all list the hydrogenated oil as the biggy. And you guessed it, hamburgers, hotdogs, donuts, fried chicken, french fries, pizza, pop of all sorts, diet or otherwise, and amazingly enough fried fish, turned up a number of times. If you are interested in all the rhymes and r

The Absolutely Best Fish Tacos in Baja

I just have to give you this recipe, it is terrific. There are some notes and adjustments from the original which comes from my favorite new cookbook "Cooking with Baja Magic Dos" by Ann Hazard. One of the greatest books on Mexican cooking as well as lots of notes on places and events etc. Anyway, here goes: 4 fillets of white fish, cut into strips about 1 inch wide 2 eggs 1 cup of corn flake crumbs, or whatever crumbs you have, Lindsey left some cereal here and I just blended it up and made crumbs and it was great. 1/2 C of Canola oil 8 corn or flour tortillas ( I like flour, Gary likes corn) Now here's where you can get creative: 6 radishes 1C of shredded cabbage, or lettuce 1/2 bunch of cilantro 1 large tomato chopped with some onion cheese of any kind you like, they say Jack cheese, I like cheddar and of course salsa,and/or avocado, and a salad dressing, I mix ranch with cilantro dressing and some lime juice Okay, I mix up the bread crumbs with some paprika or chili
Not sure where all my twitter stuff went, but that is part of the learning curve I guess. Still having loads of fun researching all the info out there on how to get the best out of the marketing that I am doing. One site says to use facebook ads and the next says that they are a waste of $$$. Guess I am going to have to try it and see. Shall make sure I get some of the stuff that I read up on the twitter side so it is easy to follow the sites that I am watching. The sum total of everything that I have managed to absorb lately is: Get a twitter account and follow the internet marketing gurus Make sure you have a blog, and post reasonably often,if nothing else just to practice writing. Also seems to be a consensus that using a secondary company that specifically has lists etc. is a good idea. So I am playing with that and have spent $1.00 on a trial for 14 days. Am waiting to see if there are any results before I throw money away. Sometimes the only people who make money on t