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A plateau, oh no!

Just got off the scale, and still no movement!  What a disappointment.  The first 10 came off really fast, and now just stagnant. Guess I have to change something, maybe I need to increase my exercise, because I must admit that I have slowed down and even missed days.  If You have never had to loose weight, or never new anyone who had to loose weight, this blog post is not for you, because I am going to hit some of the points of weight loss that I have researched since I have been on the Shaklee 180 turnaround program. Here are a few things that will go right when you loose weight. a) Migraines--57% reduces b) Depression--55% resolved c) Pseudotumor Cerebri--96% resolved  d) Obstruction, sleep Apnea--74-98% resolved e) Asthma--82% improved or resolved f) Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease--90% improved steatosis,37% resolution of inflammation, 20% resolution of fibrosis g) Cardiovascular Disease--82% risk reduction h) Hypertension--52-02% resolved i) Meta