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Wow, lots of time has passed since by last post.  We spent the summer and fall driving truck for Key West out of Langley, BC, and really enjoyed ourselves rpunning all over the country, did almost 80,000 miles in something like 4 months, and really needed the rest when we got back to Baja. Having computer trouble so have to download epictures from Gary's MAC so it will be awhile before I get them loaded, (for some reason I never seem to get his computer up to the internet cafe??) New on the scene is our Labadoodle puppy, Sophie, which has been great and also painful, we get lots of giggles over her sillyness and there is a story every minute that I can bore you with, just like talking about my grandkids, no one else finds these things as interesting as I do. But the painful part is dingying in to the beach every day.  If it was just the ride and the beach, not so bad, but having to wash her in salt water before she gets into the dinghy, because the inflateable doesn't do well