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Keep our oceans Pristine

This is just a photo of Gary and Fred fooling around with our new nesting dinghy.  But also an indication of our pristine environment and why we use totally environmentally safe products to help keep it that way. Not only are we saving tons of money on all our cleaning products,( I know I sound like a commercial, ) but we are not putting all the bad stuff into our oceans and on our land.  I can never remember all the alphabet soup that is in the cleaners today, it just boggles the mind, but did you know that 3 drops of Basic H will make 16 oz of window cleaners.  Cuts the grease, does what window cleaner is supposed to do, and costs almost nothing.  Now how much better can a cleaner be. This month in Canada. Celebrate Earth Month and Your Health With April “Specials” April is Earth Month – a great opportunity to show your love for the environment by sharing  Shaklee Get Clean ®  products. And, this month only, take advantage of a special offer

5 Truths About Earth's Magnetic Reversal


The Painting Conundrum

Have you ever had a discussion in your marriage hang on for years and years, or is it only me.  This painting and sanding thing has always been one of those things.  49 years ago or so, I was painting the kitchen cupboards in a farm house we had bought, and of course had taken them off, removed all the hardware and sanded them --to my specks.---  Well Gary came home, and not good enough, he said.  So I sanded them again, and again, and finally just left the cupboards with no doors.  About a month later his mother came over one week, remember I was a fairly new bride, and really wasn't going to put up doors that my DH (dear husband) didn't approve of, anyway his mom came over and being of the old school thought my cupboards without doors was ridiculous.  So she said, just put some paint on them and be done with it.  Which we did.  They looked just fine, no one complained and if they did I could always say that I was following his moms advice. Since then we have always refer