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Living on a boat must be Boring?

What a week it has been. People often ask "Are you bored, what do you do all day, it must be really boring to just stay on a boat."  Well, I'm here to tell you that is not true, emphatically, not true. For one thing I am working on internet marketing, and the learning curve is horrendous! Every day brings a new challenge, and I can't see it stopping anywhere soon. This morning I have been trying to set up a new blog specifically for marketing with word press blog.  They assure me, it will take an hour at most, but it is noon, and not done yet. I must admit, that some of the problems seem to be with my connection (3G from Telcel) or else my computer, because some of the stuff just seems to not want to load.  But it is frustrating all the same. So, I quit and start again after an hour or so to give us all time to cool down. (my computer and myself). I did get the domain names registered thru GVO so that is done.  By the way, I do love GVO, it has been great for autore

What the Bleep do we Know!

If you remember a few days back I was talking about Synchronicity, and what you pay attention to.  Well I guess the universe was paying attention because quite by accident I came across "What the Bleep do we know", well sort of by accident anyway. "2 Can Play", a boat in the bay, had a copy that they lent me, and I have watched it twice, and get something different from it everytime. I am hoping that they won't notice it missing for another week or so." Not being a rocket scientist or some such, I have no idea where the particles in an atom go when they leave and disappear. Seems quite out of my realm, especially in a vacuum, but I will leave that to the experts. Nor can I figure out why "Amanda" the heroine of the movie, would go back to "Bob" after she found him doing her girlfriend in her bed.  Didn't make any sense to me at all. But the one scene that really hit me, was the one with the water droplet.  It amazed me that by bl

Live Longer, Live Better

This story is about my love affair with Vivix. 9 years ago, we started long haul trucking to see the country and earn an income at the same time, and for 3 of those Gary and I team drove, until we decided that neither of us wanted to drive at night, so we got 2 trucks and drove separately.  Which worked out much better sleep wise, altho, not so much in other ways, but that is another blog.  Anyway, trucking as you probably know is lots of eating in restaurants, and lots of missed sleep etc. and altho I really worked hard to keep "lean Cuisine" in the freezer in the truck, and healthy snacks on the road, and get exercise whenever I could, I was the one walking around the truck stops. But slowly but surely I was loosing the battle. In the 7 years that we trucked I landed in hospitals in Ottawa, Ont, Calgary Ab, Branpton Ont, and Richmond BC. And a critique on hospitals could be another blog, altho, in most cases I was in no condition to critique. So I will just say, that I am

Synchronicity, The Keys to Creating your Future

That was the topic last night of Don Legere's conference call,  and altho, I have heard it many times before, he gave it a new twist, and helped to make me aware once again, that I am off track a lot of the time. Basically, what Synchronicity means is "what you think, is what you get".  Or to put it in Don's words "what you pay attention to is what you become aware of".  And a really simple test of that is, -think red Car, or even better red BMW, and keep that thought while you are driving next time. Where before, you never saw a red car, now they are all over the place. If you are building a business of any kind, again, what you think is what you get. If you think you can, or you think you can't, you are correct!  Because we look for and find what we are looking for, does that make sense to anyone?  Synchronicity will bring into your life what you need if you believe it will. Think, parking space, then create it. "I will find a great parking sp

Happy Canada Day Weekend

Have just enjoyed 10 days of Gloria visiting, and it rushed by so very fast, hard to believe that is was a whole 10 days.  We really didn't do much, but lots of R&R. Am going to miss her company, and also her compulsion to do dishes every evening. My galley never looked so tidy!! EFB has really been a great eye opener, I am learning all sorts of stuff about marketing on the internet, and finding that it is possible to make money! WOW, great discovery. But like all discoveries, I should have realized at the start that there is a learning curve to everything. That's why colleges were invented etc. You always seem to be going back to school in one way or another. So if you haven't hit on the "success" button yet, just remember you might still be in the "freshman" year of college. Janet Legere has training conference calls on every Sat. noon EST, and I really do try to make them, altho, they are archived, so I can get to them when I have time, and th