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As usual I always have, to apologize for not writing oftener, and swear that I will do better in the future.  Sounds like new years resolutions doesn't it? We are back driving this summer, and until this week have been on the go every day, right now we are sitting in Houston Tx, waiting for a load, and have been here all of 24 extra hours.  Freight is slow this week, the truck stops are all full during the day, which is a bad sign for freight, and the malls are empty, so Christmas shopping hasn't started, obviously. Bought myself a pedometer yesterday, as you can imagine the opportunities to walk around are rather limited, from the drivers seat to the bunk is about 3 steps, and the optimum steps a day are 10,000, so I am going to watch this week and see how it goes, and report back next week, on what my average is.  And then work on increasing that, So far this morning I am up to 780 steps, and that includes 162 from last evening, when I put the thing on.  I walked around i