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Latitude 38 - 'Lectronic Latitude

Latitude 38 - 'Lectronic Latitude Some neat pictures of Tonga, in this edition

My Shaklee 180 program success

Yowzer....   I reached my first goal with the Shaklee 180 program and a week ahead of schedule, I am so thrilled. I really have to give credit to the program.  Having to keep a food and exercise diet have really kept me on target.  I get to feeling guilty if I can't actually write something in the exercise column.  And they have made it very easy to keep track of food.  Working from Mexico, I find sometimes I have to imagine which kind of cheese I have had, but it isn't really that hard since I pretty well know my cheeses.  But a lot of the brands are different, but it has worked out okay. I know that this is the first of many goals, because I have about 80 lbs to go, (sorry I don't know that in kilos, old school, you know). So this is going to be a long term thing, especially when you add age into the factor.  Wish I was 40 but nothing that I know will change my age, altho, I have been faithfully taking my Vivix, so that should help. Have a couple of good articles, I

Cellular Aging

Image Cellular Aging Aging is a fact of life, and we all want to look and feel great for as long as possible. But if you’ve ever been to a school reunion, you might have noticed something interesting: some of your classmates look older than others. Why is there such a difference in the rate that people age? What scientists have discovered is that it all starts inside our cells. For most of us, aging means loss of muscle strength, bone density, lung function, and memory, and our risk for conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and cancer all increase. When you graph the incidence of disease versus age, you’ll see something rather striking. Many chronic disease conditions are rare when we’re young, but their incidence begins to increase around age 50. To scientists who study aging, this upsurge around the half-century mark suggests that there might be a common reason underlying the onset of these age-related diseases – and that m
This is a picture, taken a month before I started on the Shaklee 180.  Another month and I will get another 90 day photo. Have spent the summer by myself here in the Escondido Area. Gary has been up in Canada, and trucking, you can see how busy I have been. Unfortunately, I have bunch of stuff to get done before I am ready to head for Canada in Nov. Started to do some sanding so I can oil the teak in the cockpit.  Once I start something, it works on my guilt, looking at it, so then I have to finish the job. Have to post some menu's in the following weeks.  Have eaten a lot more healthy food, especially more  beans and veggies.  Have been using some of the recipes from the Mediteranean Diet, and I really like them.  Since this is going to be a long term project, probably at least a year, I think I need to change my habits. So I have been swimming at least 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day, and I can definitely feel it in my muscles.  Can't yet do a lot of the weight bearing