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Santa Rosalia

As usual time passes and the summer is here, Sophie has settled into boating really well. She loves beaches and swimming, and afternoons laying on the deck in the shade.  The extra walking has been great for me, I am not personally motivated to take long walks but with Sophie looking like she wants a walk, she practically brings me her leash, we have been able to see more beaches.  We have started to take her snorkelling, and only had one minor mishap. We anchored the dinghy, Gary swam away, and I was a bit behind, so right after I slid into the water, Sophie decided she didn't want to be left behind, so she leapt right on top of me.  OUCH!  She gets lots of exercise while we snorkel because she keeps trying to round us up together, so she is back and forth a lot. Someone suggested we should get her some goggles, wouldn't that be just sooooo cute. This week we are in Santa Rosalia, getting the boat put away for the summer while we head up to Canada to see the kids and grand