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Some weeks are good, others not so much, and for one boat this week he probably thought his luck was run out.  We had a rather windy night, like lots of nights at this time of year.  The folks on "yellow star" a Trimaran (for you non yachty types that is a boat with 3 hulls, the main one and one small one on each side) were coming back from a pub where they were involved in giving out trophies for a race that the club had to commemorate the anniversary of La Paz .  Well, they noticed that there boat was gone!!. So (for the life of me, I am having one of those senior moments and can't remember Jo's husbands name) ------got in his skiff and went looking.  Well, you have to understand that it was pitch black, and midnight, and there was a really good sea running, waves that is.  So he went to the harbor entrance and had to turn back because the waves were a big too choppy.  The next morning the Mexican Navy found the boat up on the rocks by the ferry dock.  And then all
Hi there, There have been a number of people who have said that I should write more because we are living the life that millions of North Americans would love to have, and want to take part in even just thru a blog.  Well, I have to tell you that I find it difficult to find stuff to write about.  Our life isn't really much different that any one elses.  As an example, the last couple of days have been pretty typical, and yet really interesting.  Yesterday, I went in for coffee hour, (9:30-10:30), met a friend and headed off to the hairdressers, had my hair cut by a rather large Mexican guy who used a razor to cut hair, and did an excellent job, by the way. This is the 3rd hairdresser I have tried in La Paz, and I believe I will go back to this guy, even tho my hair is rather short, but great for swimming this summer. After that we walked a few blocks, caught the 8 peso bus and went to lunch at a place that reminds me of Denny's, but isn't, then off to Home Depot, for some

Still alone and enjoying it

Wow, it seems like the time has flown by, and I haven't really gotten much accomplished, the long list hasn't gotten any shorter.  Today, I listened to the webinar with what is happening in Shaklee and was really impressed.  They have got a new program for fundraising for non profit organizations, which has been going gangbusters in Canada and the USA, there is a bit of fine tuning for Canadians because organizations don't want to loose their tax breaks, but if they can have bake sales etc. they can use the program.  (call me and we can work it out).  Anyway, it was an excellent presentation, and I want to put the info on my website. Its not up yet, so give me a day or so to play with it.  Or call me and I will give it the site location to you. Skype: Apolima 46 Most businesses and industry these days are looking for ways to reduce their carbon imprint and all the Shaklee "Get Clean" products are an excellent way to do this. An