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Day 2, entering the morass of the internet

Have spent most of the day studying internet marketing, and trying to fine all the "free" stuff out there. Have been most impressed with the "New Rich Report" because it has loads of ideas that I think I can use. Also spent a bunch of time studying "Twitter" and getting set up. Seems to be a slow project for me because I have to learn along the way. But from what I can read and hear it will be possible to make a living by using the internet. Back to studying tomorrow. If anyone comes up with more websites to use, please feel free to send me a comment. Was on a great website this morning with loads of ideas on how to get Twitter up and running and how to use etc. It was under the "Mashable" on Twitter, and there were some great ideas on branding, and getting it to work for you. Of course after all this hard work I was rewarded by a dip in the beautiful bathtub which is my back yard. WHAT A TOUGH LIFE!!
(Building the Best home based business using the internet) Copyright © Phyllis Stratton, nickname Phylomena (Well here goes, never having done a blog before this will be a new experience for me, and if you are reading this for you as well. So we can learn together. The info out there on the marketing business can be mind boggling, so much, so expensive, and so confusing. So in the next few posts I would like to see if we can work our way thru them with the least problems. So far, with the past few years of experience I have found that newspaper ads have cost me a bundle and never paid for themselves, now that is not to say that some people haven't made money from an add but myself, not so much! Also hounding your friends seems to be a loosing battle, they don't want to talk to you anymore. Been there, done that. About 25 years ago when the internet was in its infancy (to me at least) I set up a website on the net, and tried to market tha