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Just another week in " Paradise"

This past week has been just lots more of "another day in paradise", the weather has been terrific, we have been snorkeling, cleaning the bottom, fishing, and I have been putting in my hour a day internet marketing. Oh, and the mosquitoes are out in droves just to remind us that we aren't in heaven yet!! The fishing was blah, didn't even catch a retarded fish, which is the only kind I would have caught, because my hook was rusty and dull and I was too lazy to take off the trolling lure while I was jigging for bottom fish, but I did have a lovely tour around the bay a couple of days in a row.(Oops, shouldn't say retarded, I was hoping to catch a mentally challenged fish!) I would have been happy to snag one, or even hit it on the head with the lure, just so I could get dinner, but it didn't happen. Found a new marketing site that I am going to try for 2 months to see if I can improve my odds, it is It is a pirate thing and

We Survived Hurrican Jamica

Sunday, September-06-09 We have all been glued to the radios and weather reports for days, and confusion reigns. On Monday, the hurricane was heading here for sure, probably going to hit at Mag bay and work its way inland thru the mountains, on Tues it was going to head out to sea, and maybe hit the coast up by Turtle bay, Whew, we would get missed. It was a category 5, 2, 3, 4, or tropical storm, pick your choice. Good clear directions and reports. We got NOA weather, fox weather, you name the initials, we got it all, and as I said confusion reigned. And it still does, some reports say that it is turning around and heading back, so we are delaying putting up all the sails again. On Tues we were finished clearing the boat of what we thought we would need to take off, and so went in to lunch at the dock, and as we were finishing lunch the first squall hit. Of course the boat was all open, the windows and the hatches. the sun was shinning when we left, and the last