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Coming down from Santa Rosalia\

Coming down the coast from Santa Rosalia in Dec. Hannah came with us for the ride , and we enjoyed the experience of a teenager on board again. Altho we had no cell service or internet for a few days. Back in La Paz, and it has been cool this winter, finally warmed up to the 80's again this week, and hopefully spring has come at last. We have had FM3's for the past few years so we didn't have to rush back and forth every 6 months to renew ou r visas, but they changed the rule s this January and are no longer doing that, now we can either apply for "temporary immigration" or "permanent immigration" which means more paper work.  So we are presently awaiting our paper work which has gone to Mexico City with at least 1,000,000 other ones, so altho we had planned on going to El Savador with the rally this year, it is not looking too good right now.  We have don e everything so far, pictures, bank statements, fingerprints etc etc, and things are "i