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Heat Breed laziness

Heat breeds laziness: Or is it just me.  The cabin is 90 degrees and even tho I just got out of the water from doing my laps I am already puddling on the floor.  I find it even a challenge to get into the water because I have to change clothes. This is the summer of diet and exercise, and it will be my last chance.  I think I have done this every year since I was 16 and nothing seems to last for very long.  But this last weight problem has been going on for 25 years, and altho I have lost a few and then gained more I am giving it one more really big push.  I joined the Shaklee 180 plan, and am just finishing the 3rd week, and so far so good.  Since I have to record all my stuff, I am loath to have a blank where it says "exercise" so even if it is 9pm I am out there doing my laps.  So far I am up to 600 feet, (approx) which means 6 times around the boat, up one side and down the other, so of like a lap pool without sides to bump into. Altho I did manage to hit the anchor c