I know I have been slack about this blog, but I am going to get better at it.  One of the famous writers said that to be a successful writer you need to write a page a day.  So where better to write a page than on one of my blogs.  Most of the writing I have done lately is on the www.phyllisstratton.com
blog, and because it is tied into my Shaklee business it has been very handy.

Well, to keep you up to date on our progress or non-progress as far as cruising goes, here is a synopsis.

We are still in the Marshall Islands, arrived here last Dec. 2017, and have been enjoying the weather, the friends and the town.  Yes it is an old town in an atoll,  one person from South Africa described it as a dirty place with lots of garbage, and she was eager to get back to S. Africa.  Guess it depends on your mindset.  I have found the people lovely, they are friendly, the kids are great, we like the church, the priest is always welcoming. We can walk to most places, and if not take a 0.75 taxi ride to anywhere.  I can swim in the harbour on most days, it does get grundgy when one of the fishing boats flushes out their tanks.  A 2x4 to their head would be appropriate. But since there are 10-20 fishing boats anchored out at any one time, I don't know which one to award the 2x4.

We are leaving in the next few days to head off to visit some of the other atolls in the Marshall Islands group. The 1st one we hope to get to, (you realise that the wind and currents could determine that) is Maleolap, where we are suppose to be delivering some groceries and a couple of cases of beer to a friend who has been out for a month or so.  We need to get the groceries on just before we leave as they don't keep very well. The fresh stuff that is.

After that we will head out to visit other atolls, we have 8 more on the list, and maybe come back to Majuro in a couple of months or so.  We have a tank of freon that should be arriving in a couple of months and we should be here to get it, otherwise they put it in storage.  We have to change our freon system for our fridge, R12 is almost impossible to get right now. Shall later do a blog post on how that goes.


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