Some of the Truths about Sailing.

This is from a Facebook post that I read, and I couldn't have said it any better.  The truism in her points really hit home. 

Most people want to live the great adventure that’s inside them but will never do anything about it. Perhaps its lack of opportunity but for most I suspect it is fear and guilt holding them back.

Most people think the life on the sea is far more glamorous and risky than the reality. You still have to do your laundry just now it’s by hand in a bucket – yet you do the washing to a million dollar view in an amazing exotic place. Hand me that bucket any day.

Most people are drowning in stuff. It ends up owning them, not they owning it. It clogs up their homes and their thinking. One of the most liberating aspects of the life of a sailor is “less is more”. Plus the planet will thank you when you become a sailor.

Most people believe they don’t have enough money, enough knowledge or enough experience to go sailing. There are plenty of people who have jumped from the day-to-day grind to go sailing having never sailed a day in their lives. It is possible. In fact it is easy just one step at a time. One day then the next and soon you will have crossed an ocean. Yes you will make mistakes but a life without mistakes sounds boring and a life not lived.

Most popular questions people ask us about are finances, pirates and storms. It will cost you more and it will cost you less, the chances of running into a pirate is slim there are more pirates in your hometown. If you don’t leave your brain at home your chances of running into a horrendous storm is less that the pirates. If you hit that once in a lifetime storm then if you purchased the right boat and do the right thing then the storm becomes part of your story, an adventure you will have lived to tell. Awesome

Most people leave the quality of their lives to luck and someone else making decisions for them. There is no prince charming or one day I will win lotto waiting to rescue you. If that’s what you’re waiting for it’s a fail before you start. If you think someone else making the decisions for you will be the right ones, think again.
You have to be your own hero.

Most of us are told to be ready, not to launch unless we have everything there is, know what there is to know and have spend a lifetime in preparation. Truth is you just need to go. There is more value in the experience than the getting ready. Experience trumps be ready.

Most people will never actually live life – they will just think that they did.

Written by Moreeta Pennicott
I looked for a website for Moreeta, but couldn't find it listed. She really hit some great points.


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